MIXED.Industries develops products to enhance and improve our own brands, concepts and categories and those of external parties. This always starts with a basic idea for a product or need. Within the framework of our brand vision, we design and develop attractive products that can be realised efficiently.

Long-standing experience in collaborative ventures with factories around the world has made MIXED.Industries an expert in the optimisation of production processes. An extensive network and a lot of frequent flyer miles create a well-oiled machine.


The MIXED.Industries team is well-equipped for every logistics task, from assembly, storage and stock management to accurate order processing. From our two locations, we deliver to retailers and distributors all over the world.


MIXED.Industries likes to go the extra mile for its customers. Extensive marketing support is a fixed element to support sales of our brands to our customers. We do this in a number of ways.

The creative team consists of designers and marketers who are ready to tackle every challenge, and who have already developed many solutions that may also be suitable for your organisation. Marketing support ranges from an online image database to magazines, flyers and complete marketing campaigns.


MIXED.Industries has an extensive Customer Service team, where our staff are happy to answer all your questions. We understand the importance of customer experience very well, and as such Customer Service is an essential part of MIXED.Industries. This helps contribute to the satisfied customer base that has been our pride and joy for years.