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Vitility in the retail sector

Vitility is the brand behind many handy products that make daily life easier. Where others see problems, Vitility looks for solutions – and not always because it’s necessary, but because it makes life more pleasant. After all, can’t we all do with a little help now and then?


The Vitility range is divided into six different categories. The range includes products that help with waking up, personal care, preparing food and walking. Vitility wants to help everyone to lead as active and independent a life as possible. Young and old, with or without medical restrictions, Vitility is there for everyone.

Why MIXED.Industries?

During the past three years, MIXED.Industries has actively worked to further develop the Vitility brand. The range, the packaging and the branding have all been brought to a higher level. The vision behind the brand has also shifted, due to developments in the market and within the organisation. This means that Vitility has become an attractive brand for retail chains.


Because we lead the way in developments and vision, we have created a market for ADL products. This means that a traditionally niche product is now ripe for the mainstream market. An important part of this shift is our vision, based on the following principle: we no longer talk about medical aids, as this sounds old-fashioned, medical, patronising and negative.


Vitility products are useful products that make life easier. This means MIXED.Industries is also your partner for Vitility products.

Retail range

Vitility Retail has put together a range with all Vitility products, which meets the desires and requirements of many different retailers.


The Vitility range is divided into six different categories.


   Bed & Bath

   Kitchen & Dining

   Household & Living

   Office & Leisure


   Health & Fitness

Retail price list 2018

For more information and current retail prices, please contact Sales Support.

Catalogue 2018

You can find the current retail range in the catalogue.


The magalogue gives a good impression of the Vitility retail range.

Displays for Retail

Variety in Displays
Vitility products are sold in stores of various types and sizes. This is why we offer a variety of store solutions. We have ready-to-use concepts for your shelf system, but we can also supply free-standing display systems. These different options mean that a Vitility location can be created for every type or size of store concept, whether you’re looking for a display suitable for impulse buys or a 5-metre concept for your maxistore.

Custom-made displays
Due to the high level of flexibility and custom solutions, it’s not always easy to form a good impression of the final result. That’s why we would be happy to develop your custom-made display using a 3D visual. This will help you understand how the display will actually fit in your store(s). Of course, we will deliver unique designs that match your store concept.

Eye-catching packaging

The packaging of a product is an important element of the entire brand image. Vitility Retail packaging is particularly well designed, and takes account of all necessary aspects. The entire Vitility retail range has easily-recognisable packaging with a clear focus on the six product groups, which each have their own colours. The packaging is high quality and has a striking design. In addition, there are photos on the rear showing the product in use, so that the end user is immediately given a good impression of the product and how it should be used.

Our distributors

MIXED.Industries has a broad network of distributors to represent Vitility worldwide. We understand that everyone has a crucial role to play in the process of bringing Vitility to an ever higher level, and achieving continuous improvements. If you are interested in a valuable partnership with Vitility as a distributor or dealer, please contact MIXED.Industries.

Our retail customers