Foot balm

Because we walk and stand a lot every day, our feet are stressed, and they can become tired. If we don’t take care of our feet, calluses, pressure marks or blisters can form on our feet. This can cause sore feet and make it uncomfortable to walk or stand. To reduce the formation of calluses, pressure points and blisters, you can use the foot balm from VITILITY. The foot balm cares for and protects your feet. Moreover, you feel the fatigue lift from your feet when you rub your feet. This foot balm is also ideal for people with Diabetes. Diabetes can worsen the skin on your foot and cause inflammation. Thanks to the use of the foot balm, these problems can be prevented. It can also help restore the skin. But this foot balm is also ideal for everyone and special for people who have to stand or walk a lot every day for their work. Even for the avid walker or runner, this is a very nice foot balm.


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