Bathtub seat adjustable with backrest

If you are less mobile it can be difficult to take a bath. You may still be able to take a bath, but lowering all the way to sit in the bath is too great challenge. To make sitting in the bath easier, VITLITY has the bath seat adjustable. The bath seat has two legs on both sides, so that you can place the bath seat on the bath rim. This increases the seat in the bath, and you do not have to lower far to sit in the bath. The nice thing about the bath seat is that you can adjust the width from 67 to 77 cm. As a result, the bath seat fits almost every bath. Because each leg has a non-slip cap, the bath seat cannot slip if the bath rim gets wet. The plastic seat also has a non-slip layer, so you cannot slide off the bath seat when it gets wet. The backrest supports your back, so you can sit in the bath with more comfort. The bath seat also has an opening for drainage. The surface of the seat is 37×30 cm and the maximum load capacity is 120 kg. However, if you also have trouble to get in the bath, VITILITY also has a bath step. Thanks to the bath step, you don’t have to lift your leg as high to get into the bath.


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