Back cushion hard

If you have lower back pain, it can be a challenge to sit in a chair. Because a chair often does not provide enough support, there is a lot of pressure on your lower back while sitting. To be able to sit comfortably in a chair with lower back problems, you can use a lumbar cushion. Because the lumbar cushion is pre-shaped, it gives the right support to the lower back while sitting. This gives you more comfort while sitting. If you use a lumbar cushion, it is nice that it stays in place, so that it can continue to provide the right support. The VITILITY Lumbar Cushion has two straps at the back with which you can attach the cushion to the chair. Because the straps are adjustable, it fits on different sized chairs. The lumbar cushion can also be used to improve your sitting posture. There is an MDF board in the cushion, which allows the cushion to offer more support. In addition, the cover of the cushion is waterproof, so that no moisture can get into the cushion. Since not every back is the same, the cushion is made of memory foam. As a result, the cushion adapts to your lower back, so that it can always provide the right support. In addition, the foam is also fire resistant.


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